Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Company Reg No. OC SNELLEN EYESIGHT CHART (3M A4). meters (or 9 feet) away from the chart. If the test page is in another Test your visual acuity with correction (contact lenses or glasses). 3. Test one eye at a time. Download free eye charts here. Choose from A4 or Letter size, and 3 meter and 6 meter charts. Also available astigmatism measuring tools and custom diopter.

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Home use of this Snellen eye chart will help you determine the clarity of your 3. Identify a line on the chart you can comfortably read. Read the letters on that. By taking a look at the eye chart templates, you will be able to prepare yourself for the eye test or visual screening. Download 50 Free eye exam. Snellen Chart Pdf Best Of Printable Snellen Chart 3m 3m Dvla Snellen. The Snellen Eye Chart Cheat Sheet By Davidpol Download Free From.

Alternatively, you can download the vision chart here.

Make sure you print it in letter-size. Click here to find out the difference between A4 and letter-size. How to Use the Eye Chart Paste or tape the paper on a wall at eye level.

The wall should be well-illuminated. Sit or stand 10 feet away from the eye chart.

For a normal Snellen eye chart, the distance at which your read the chart is 20 feet but the chart you have printed is smaller in size. Cover your left eye with your palm.

Read the letters with your right eye.

Note down the line up to which you can read. Now cover the right eye and repeat the same steps with the left eye. Generally, an eye test or screening is performed with the help of an eye chart.

First developed by Hermann Snellen, a Dutch ophthalmologist, the aforementioned chart sets a standard for what a person with a normal vision can see from twenty feet away. The chart has eleven lines of block letters and these letters decrease in size line by line.

Find Your Local Vision Source Doctor

The best way to find out whether or not you need glasses or contacts to improve your vision, the aforementioned chart is used during the initial screening phase of a routine eye exam. The test is generally performed in the office of the optician.

However, there are some where the eye test may take place. Typically, you will be asked to stand or sit twenty feet away from the chart during a vision screening or eye test. Once everything is in place, the optician will ask you to cover one eye and lead the letters on the chart aloud. The optician will ask you to begin at the top and work your way to the bottom.

Once one eye has been tested, the same process will be repeated with the other eye and then with both eyes uncovered.They have a particular, simple geometry in which: the thickness of the lines equals the thickness of the white spaces between lines and the thickness of the gap in the letter "C" the height and width of the optotype letter is five times the thickness of the line.

For a normal Snellen eye chart, the distance at which your read the chart is 20 feet but the chart you have printed is smaller in size. The VA represents the smallest size that can be reliably identified.

Snellen chart is the most frequently used eye test chart. The first line consists of one very large letter, which may be one of several letters, for example E, H, or N.

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