As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download Developing ASP NET Web Application with Visual Studio NET with C#, C++, plicanodfratran.gq, and C# is Microsoft's new object- oriented. Welcome to the E-Books section of C# Corner. All of the E-Books listed in this section are reviewed and recommended by our experts and authors. Trademarks/plicanodfratran.gq are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other NET counterpart of the C# using statement and the Visual plicanodfratran.gq

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NET development & more. NET / plicanodfratran.gq Return to Microsoft &.NET. On this page you can find our books plicanodfratran.gq and ASP. Format: eBook, Softcover . Pro plicanodfratran.gq in C#. Freeman, A. (et al.) (). Format: eBook, Softcover. The 21 best C# ebooks, such as C#, More Effective C#, Learn C# in 7 days, C# 6 for Programmers and C# Pocket Reference. 4. Book Cover of Andrew Troelsen, Philip Japikse - C# and plicanodfratran.gq Numerous updates to the ASP. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Adam Freeman is an experienced IT professional who has Pro plicanodfratran.gq in C# 7th Edition, site Edition. by.

Creating dynamic web pages with Razor 7.

Using C in Razor templates 7. Adding loops and conditionals to Razor templates 7. Using layouts for shared markup 7. Overriding parent layouts using sections 7. Using partial views to encapsulate markup 7.

Summary 8. Building forms with Tag Helpers 8. Catering to editors with Tag Helpers 8. Creating forms using Tag Helpers 8.

The Form Tag Helper 8. The Label Tag Helper 8. The Input and Textarea Tag Helpers 8. The Select Tag Helper 8. Generating Links with the Anchor Tag Helper 8. Cache-busting with the Append Version Tag Helper 8. Using conditional markup with the Environment Tag Helper 8. Summary 9. What is a Web API, and when should you use one?

Attribute routing: taking fine grained control of your URLs 9. Ordering of conventional and attribute routes 9. Combining route attributes to keep your route templates DRY 9.

Using token replacement to reduce duplication in attribute routing 9. Handling multiple matching actions with attribute routing 9. Enabling additional input formatters: binding to XML data 9. Generating a response from a model 9. Customizing the default formatters: adding XML support 9. Choosing a response format with content negotiation 9. Summary Part 2: Building complete applications Service configuration with dependency injection Introduction to dependency injection Understanding the benefits of dependency injection Creating loosely coupled code Dependency injection in ASP.

NET Core Using the dependency injection container Adding ASP.

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NET Core framework services to the container Registering your own services with the container Registering services using objects and lambdas Registering a service in the container multiple times Injecting services into action methods and view templates Understanding lifetimes: when are services created? Transient: everyone is unique Singleton: there can be only one Keeping an eye out for captured dependencies Summary Configuring an ASP.

NET Core application Introducing the ASP. NET Core configuration model Configuring your application with CreateDefaultBuilder Building a configuration object for your app Adding a configuration provider in Program. Using multiple providers to override configuration values Storing configuration secrets safely Reloading configuration values when they change Using strongly typed settings with the options pattern Introducing the IOptions interface Reloading strongly typed options with IOptionsSnapshot Designing your options classes for automatic binding Configuring an application for multiple environments Identifying the hosting environment Loading environment-specific configuration files Setting the hosting environment Saving data with Entity Framework Core Introducing Entity Framework Core What is Entity Framework Core?

Why use an Object-Relational Mapper? When should you choose Entity Framework Core? Mapping a database to your application code Adding Entity Framework Core to an application Choosing a database provider and installing EF Core Building a data model Registering a data context Managing changes with migrations Creating your first migration Adding a second migration Querying data from and saving data to the database Creating a record Loading a list of records Loading a single record Updating a model with changes Using Entity Framework Core in production applications The MVC filter pipeline Understanding filters and when to use them Filters or middleware: which should you choose?

Creating a simple filter Adding filters to your actions, controllers, and globally Understanding filter execution order Creating custom filters for your application Authorization filters: protecting your APIs Resource filters: short-circuiting your action methods Action filters: customizing model binding and action results Exception filters: custom exception handling for your action methods Result filters: customizing action results before they execute Understanding pipeline short-circuiting Using dependency injection with filter attributes Authentication: adding users to your application with Identity Introducing authentication and authorization Understanding users and claims in ASP.

Authentication in ASP. This chapter gives an overview of this provider model and how it is used throughout ASP.

NET 4. This chapter also reviews a couple of sample extensions to the provider model.

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One of the application capabilities provided by ASP. NET 4 is the site navigation system covered in this chapter. After it is stored, this personalization data has to be persisted for future visits or for grabbing other pages within the same application. The ASP. NET personalization system. The great thing about this system is that you configure the entire behavior of the system from the web.

NET applications. This chapter focuses on using the web. In Web application development, it signifies the capability to build applications that make use of the XMLHttpRequest object.

This chapter takes a look at this way to build your applications. NET applications that make use of the AJAX technology, a series of controls is available to make the task rather simple.

This chapter takes a good look at the ASP.

This chapter provides an in-depth look at the authentication and authorization mechanics inherent in the ASP. NET is a request-response—based technology, state management and the performance of requests and responses take on significant importance. This chapter introduces these two separate but important areas of ASP. NET, caching storing previous generated results, images, and pages on the server becomes rather important to the performance of your ASP.

This chapter looks at some of the advanced caching capabilities provided by ASP.

How to Create ebook option in Asp.net

This chapter also takes a look at object caching and object caching extensibility. It also shows you how to use various debugging techniques to find errors that your applications might contain.

NET, but you can also use the same framework these controls use and build your own. This chapter describes building your own server controls and how to use them within your applications.

Each method provides a unique level of access to the underlying processing of ASP. NET, and each can be a powerful tool for creating Web applications. Chapter 27, "ASP. NET and has generated a lot of excitement from the development community.

NET MVC provides developers with the testability, flexibility, and maintainability in the applications they build. It is important to remember that ASP.

NET everyone knows and loves, but instead is simply a different way to construct your applications. If this is the case, the. NET Framework makes incorporating your previous COM components into your applications fairly simple and straightforward. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

The all-new approach for experienced ASP. NET professionals! A new focus on how to build ASP. Read more Read less.

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Pro C 7: NET and. NET Core.


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Jason N. Christian Wenz is a consultant, trainer, author, ASP.

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Authentication for APIs and distributed applications NET Entity Framework to handle the connections and transactions to the underlying database. This project-based guide uses practical applications to demonstrate these concepts. Adding a configuration provider in Program. Mapping a database to your application code Extracting common setup into an xUnit test fixture Configuring CORS policies

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