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Frederic Delavier. avg rating • ISBN ISBN Strength Training Anatomy - 2Nd Edition: Frederic Delavier. Frederic. Review at site: Frederic-Delavier/dp/ Download: PDF, 85MB. Chapter 7. Abdomen Title: Strength Training Anatomy - Second Edition Author: Frederic Delavier Format: PDF Size: Mb Language: Eng.

Discover for yourself the magic of Strength Training Anatomy , one of the best-selling strength training books ever published! Get an intricate look at strength training from the inside out. Strength Training Anatomy , with over , copies already sold, brings anatomy to life with more than full-color illustrations.

This detailed artwork showcases the muscles used during each exercise and delineates how these muscles interact with surrounding joints and skeletal structures. Like having an X-ray for each exercise, the information gives you a multilateral view of strength training not seen in any other resource.

This updated bestseller also contains new information on common strength training injuries and preventive measures to help you exercise safely. Chapters are devoted to each major muscle group, with total exercises for arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Delavier is a gifted artist with an exceptional knowledge of human anatomy. Delavier won the French powerlifting title in and makes annual presentations on the sports applications of biomechanics at conferences in Switzerland.

Delavier lives in Paris, France. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention muscle groups training anatomy great book weight training highly recommend human body frederic delavier proper form weight lifting bodybuilding personal trainers exactly what muscles anatomy workout easy to understand different exercises shoulders chest arms shoulders easy to follow easy to read chest back. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

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Strength Training Anatomy - 2nd Edition

None of the reviews thus far have addressed how Strength Training Anatomy and the Strength Training Anatomy Workout books differ, so you might be wondering which one to download. Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition, is a reference book--it's got really cool drawings with tips for common techniques at the gym.

It's no-nonsense and great for weight-lifters who have a great routine already but want to optimize it, or for the intellectual athlete who wants to gain a greater understanding of muscles in motion. The Strength Training Anatomy Workout will teach beginners how to start and athletes how to optimize strength for their sport.

It goes into breathing techniques while lifting, how many sets and reps one should perform, how often to work out, etc. Delavier and Gundill have lots of drawings, pre-planned routines including those to supplement other sports, and succinct advice to get the most out of every technique. Important to note, it focuses on working out with weights and resistance bands and eschews gym equipment.

If you want to work out at home, it's great, if you want to join a gym, you'll need Volume II. Strength Training Anatomy Workout Volume II will show you how to make the most of the gym if you want some serious strength training.

It has many different routines, the low-down on all the equipment you'll find at the gym, great advice on optimizing every technique, and even more drawings to help guide you to excellent technique. This is the book to get if you want to get into body building.

Overall, these books are great. Delavier and Gundill translate their extensive anatomy and weight-lifting knowledge into language anyone can understand and information is succinct so reading's a pleasure. Do they work? I gained 15 lbs in 6 months after having plateaued with my previous, self-made routine.

I owned the first edition of Strength Training Anatomy blue cover for nearly 15 years and I've been recommending this book to my clients for that long as well. I decided to pick up the new 3rd edition red cover to update my library and also to write this review. This book's concept and contents have been imitated many times, but Delavier's is the original and the best.

Yoga Anatomy: 2nd Edition

In a nutshell, Strength Training Anatomy is a book of expertly drawn illustrations of the human body over performing weight training exercises. The primary muscles being worked are colored in red and clearly labeled.

The bones, muscle fibers and muscular attachments are also beautifully illustrated. The book is divided into seven sections: No space is wasted with introductions - the book jumps right into arms in the opening pages.

A page is devoted to each exercise, and a small amount of text accompanies each illustration, explaining proper form and giving additional tips or precautions. Sidebars show exercise variations, start and finish positions and additional details such as deep muscle anatomy with the exact muscle tendon insertions on the bone.

The length is pages, so it's not overwhelming - it's very digestible, yet it's also very thorough in terms of the number of exercises covered. All the major and important barbell and dumbbell exercises are included. In addition, you'll learn a variety of cable exercises and a handful of common and useful machine exercises. I don't think there's any reader from any demographic or experience level that won't benefit from owning this book. It will be appreciated by all ages and by men and women, especially since both male and female models are used in the illustrations.

For beginners, this could be a training instruction "bible" for learning how to do the exercises properly and understanding exactly what muscles are working. Some people might suggest this book is only suited for the beginner, but I think advanced trainees and even fitness professionals will find this book valuable as a reference guide and may even want to keep it on their shelf within arms reach. This material is not just for bodybuilders, but as a bodybuilder myself, I think there is another potential benefit of this book that I haven't seen anyone else mention.

Bodybuilders need to develop the ability to visualize muscle actions and learn how to enhance their mind to muscle connection. Studying the drawings and looking at the muscles engaged, the direction of the fibers and where they insert and attach could be a great tool to help with these mental skills.

As for the 3rd edition, there is new material in this update, including much more content it's longer, with more exercises. There are also new sections on stretching and avoiding common injuries. The publisher, Human Kinetics consistently puts out some great titles, and this is among the best of them. The book quality is excellent, including the cover, binding, paper, and again, the illustrations on every page are fantastic.

The author is clearly a skilled artist who also has a medical-level understanding of the human body. Potential readers should know before downloading, that this book does not contain workout programs - it focuses solely on individual exercise instruction and exercise anatomy.

Strength Training Anatomy - 2nd Edition

That doesn't detract from the value in my opinion, it actually helps keeps this volume concise and focused on one thing: On that note, again, this is not a text-heavy book and while you do get an explanation and illustration of each exercise, you don't get in-depth written details on biomechanics and muscle actions.We may ship the books from Asian regions for inventory purpose.

Women's Strength Training Anatomy by Fr? All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a ne Like having an X-ray for each exercise, the information gives you a multilateral view of strength training not seen in any other resource.

Codes or product keys that accompany this product may not be valid. Delavier lives in Paris, France. Back Chapter 5.

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