Rough Work: Concept Art, Doodles, and Sketchbook Drawings Hardcover – September 28, Testament: A Celebration of the Life & Art of Frank Frazetta. I don't think I need to tell anybody what a great artist Frank Frazetta is. Rough Work is the sketchbook for Frank Frazetta (wiki). Right at the start is a biography of Frank Frazetta, a background of his life and career. I own quite a few books about the art of Frank Frazetta, but Rough Work just might be my favorite. It's such a treat to see pages from his.

Frank Frazetta Rough Work Pdf

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See more ideas about Frank frazetta, Comics and Drawings. Frazetta is a GOD. The book of his rough sketches, appropriately titled Rough Work, is like liq. Frank Frazetta book. Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Frank Frazetta has excelled in a wide variety of artistic formats, f. The Sensuous Frazetta Hard Cover with Slip Case. $ JULY SALE- Frank Frazetta: Art and Remembrance Deluxe Edition Rough Works with Slip Cover.

Despite my tepid veneration, I wanted to note Mr.

Frazetta's passing by talking about one piece of his that knocked my socks off when I first saw it as a kid, established my personal gold standard for how good comic art could be, and is a little different from all the images that'll be illustrating his obit in the next few days like the one above.

This was a black-and-white drawing originally done for the cover of a Buck Rogers comic book in Click the pic to embiggen it. Here's some of what I think is going on in this drawing of an alien taking aim at our heroes Wilma and Buck scholars of Frazetta or the comic-book arts are welcome to correct me.

I believe the original is ink on duoshade board, which was a type of heavy paper printed with fine hatching and cross-hatching that only became visible when the artist brushed chemicals on them--one chemical for light shading, another for dark.

It was made until very recently, I've played with it myself. Everything that appears brown in this image is light or dark duoshade lines that would've looked gray in print.

Frank Frazetta: Rough Work (Spectrum Presents)

This drawing is perfect. Perfect composition; the action is clear, the moment dramatic. Great mix of textures: the shiny smooth ship against the organic veiny hairiness of the alien against the rough rockiness of the Moon against the graceful wisps of nebula floating through distant space.

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From the forward, written by Arnie Fenner, There's this quote from illustator Roy Krenkel, who shared a studio with Frazetta: Here are some sample pages click for big: Yours is a bit too heavily weighted on the left, with so many large forms placed there.

As with most every artist I see, pro!

Every horizontally slanted line in the backgrounds should be receding toward a common vanishing point on the horizon. Your lines in panel 1 appear to be receding to a point far below the horizon established by the woman lying on the floor.

Panel 1: When placing forms in your panels, you want to avoid stacking them vertically on top of each other as you did here. All composition is usually better when based on diagonals rather than verticals and horizontals.

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Jaclyn rated it it was amazing Feb 14, I love those pens.

Kids are being held in concentration camps, whole species are disappearing from the face of the earth, our weather is absolutely borked and drinkable water is fast disappearing in many locales around the world. He was one of a kind.

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