Pressure Boundary. Bolted Flange Joint. Assembly. A N A M E R I C A N N AT I O N A L S TA N D A R D. ASME PCC-1–2010. (Revision of ASME PCC-1–2000) . Assembly Bolt Torque for SA-105 Steel Weldneck Assembly Bolt Torque for SA-105 Steel Weldneck Flanges, Flanges, SA-193 B7 Steel Bolts, and Spiral-Wound Gasket SA-193 B7 Steel Bolts, and Spiral-Wound Gasket With. ASME PCC-1-2013 Table for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint. PCC-1-2013 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. ASME.

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The Bolted Flange Joint Assembly (BFJA) from ASME is a unique collection and the guidelines described in this document apply to pressure-boundary flanged. I am after a copy of ASME PCC-1 2013. Does anyone have this to share?. ASME PCC-1, Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly ( BFJA), is a standard created and published by the American Society of.

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ASME PCC-1:2013

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However, UHX-13. Section UHX-13. Each of these must be within defined limits. None-the-less, we have gotten an increasing number of inquiries with regard to this calculation, so it is now included in the software. The method can be accessed via the flange screen.

In short, the calculations arrive at two maximum allowable bolt stresses and two minimum bolt stresses. This is not always the case. Sometimes adding bolting helps so that less stress has to be applied, per bolt, to seat or keep seated, the gasket.

Consideration may be given to increasing the gasket width if the gasket is controlling.

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Sims, Jr. Milne, Flexitallic, Ltd. Neely, Chair, Becht Engineering Co. Barron, Newport News Shipbuilding W. Brown, Integrity Engineering Solutions E. Hayman, Consultant D. Alternative features and methods for specific applications may be used subject to endorsement by the user.

The bolted flange joint assembly BFJA guidelines described in this document apply principally to pressure-boundary flanged joints with ring-type gaskets that are entirely within the circle enclosed by the bolt holes and with no contact outside this circle. By selection of those features suitable to the specific service or need, these guidelines may be used to develop effective joint assembly procedures for the broad range of sizes and service conditions normally encountered in industry.

Users are cautioned that the guidelines contained in ASME PCC-1 have been developed generically and are recommended for general applications. They may not necessarily be suitable for all applications.

Precautionary considerations are provided in some cases but should not be considered as all inclusive. Sound engineering practices and judgment should be used to determine the applicability of a specific method or part of a method to a specific application. Each joint assembly procedure should be subject to an appropriate review by qualified personnel. While this Guideline covers joint assembly within the scope of ASME Pressure Technology Codes and Standards, it may be used on equipment constructed in accordance with other codes and standards.

Guidance on troubleshooting BFJAs not providing leak-tight performance is also provided in this document see Appendix P. See section F-2 of Appendix F for comments on accepting flange joint assembly procedures not currently listed in these guidelines.

The qualification of assemblers in accordance with Appendix A may be considered portable subject to the guidance in para. Avoid using carbon steel brushes on stainless steel flanges. The exception based on experience is residual flexible graphite that may remain in the surface finish grooves when either a flexible graphite clad or a spiral-wound gasket with flexible graphite filler is to be used as the replacement gasket.

One of the activities essential to leak-free performance is the joint assembly process. Refer to Appendix D for guidelines covering recommended limits on gasket contact surface imperfections and their locations. Appendix C provides recommended final surface finishes. Appendix D provides flatness tolerance recommendations.

If separate washers are scored or cupped from previous use, replace with new through-hardened washers 3 surface-hardened washers are not suitable. For larger bolt diameters, it is recommended that the cost of cleaning, deburring, and reconditioning be compared to the replacement cost and considered in the assessment of critical issues of the assembly.

When assessing the cost, consider that working with and reconditioning fasteners in the field may be more expensive than the cost of replacement and that the results of reconditioning can be unpredictable. When coated bolts are used, the remaining corrosion protection and self-lubricating functions are additional considerations with respect to continued use or replacement.

The process will remove thread material; therefore, the user is cautioned to ensure the tolerance limits of ASME B1. Any fastener with thread dimensions less than the minimum major diameter or the minimum pitch diameter should be replaced.

Appendix N provides supplementary information on the bolt reuse topic. Coatings over approximately 0.

Roughness, gouges, and protrusions should be removed from these surfaces. On severely damaged flanges, machining this area may be required, in which case the minimum acceptable residual flange thickness must be considered. The use of throughhardened, flat washers4 may be appropriate to provide smooth and square nut-bearing surfaces. It results in maximum sealing surface contact, maximum opportunity for uniform and design-level gasket loading, and reduced friction between the nut and the flange.

Guidelines for aligning flanged joints are provided in Appendix E. However, it is generally recognized that the use of through-hardened steel washers will improve the translation of torque input into consistent bolt stretch. See Appendix M for a suitable through-hardened washer specification guideline. These are important considerations when torquing methods either manual or hydraulic are used for bolt tightening.Mixers and Tanks 2 60 HP.

Koves, Pi Engineeering Software, Inc. The second field is the "destination" material database, and should always be set to 17, since the goal is to create a version of your material database that uses values out of the 2017 ASME Section II Part D tables. Quick Strap Hot Water Tank Earthquake Straps Septic Tank Guidelines Septic tanks are suitable for conditions where the wastewater can drain away and be absorbed into the soil without contaminating ground water where it is extracted.

Do not use tape strips radially across the gasket to hold it in position. If separate washers are scored or cupped from previous use, replace with new through-hardened washers 3 surface-hardened washers are not suitable. Cost Estimates of Small Modular Systems.

The minimum water pressure at a point should be not less than 5 m water column at peak flow.

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