Coverleaf: 0. Identifier: Idgah-Hindi-Premchand. Identifier-ark: ark:// t41s11d Ocr: ABBYY FineReader Olsearch: post. Ppi: Famous Hindi story Idgaah written by Premchand as read by Anurag Sharma for Awaaz (Hind-Yugm). Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for Documents Similar To Premchands Hindi Short Story Eidgah Nasha by Munshi Prem Chand.

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Idgah Summary - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Idgah is a very powerful story written by Munshi Premchand, a well known Hindi. Idgah and Other Stories Audio books Download Free Munshi Premchand is regarded as one of the most prolific writers in Hindi/Urdu literature. ईदगाह. by Munshi Premchand in Hindi Short Stories. (2). 0. Read Now · Download on Mobile. महान हिन्दी साहित्यकार मुंशी प्रेमचंद.

Poor Hamid doesn t have new clothes and shoes like other children. Unl ike his friends who have enough pocket money to spend on toys, sweets and rides Hamid has only three paise as idi in all to spend which his Dadi could hardly sp are. Still he is very happy and full of excitement.

After offering prayers all the children get busy enjoying various kinds of joyri des like Hindola and Charkhi. But wise Hamid dismisses this wastage of money fo r momentary pleasure. After enjoying rides all the kids rush to download colorful cl ay toys which took away the hearts of viewers when displayed neatly in the shop.

Little Hamid is also very much tempted with the exclusive beauty of the toys b ut his wisdom prevents him to spend his small amount on these perishable items.

His friends download many toys like Bhishti, lawyer, policeman and a milkmaid.


But wise Hamid overcomes his temptation and turns away from the shop of toys. While roaming in the fair he sees a pincer, a chimta , in a hardware shop. Hamid rec alls that without chimta how his Dadi burns her fingers while making chapaties f or him.

Kind hearted Hamid exhausts his entire idi in downloading the chimta for Dad i without any regret that neither he enjoyed any ride nor did he download any to y for himself nor he was left with a single paisa to satisfy his hunger while al l other children were enjoying all kinds of sweets and eatables right in front o f him.

The story is an unparallel saga of a small child with extraordinary wisd om and maturity better than any adult.

He sacrificed all his share of enjoyment when the need of his Grandma stands before him to be weighed. Although Hamid is ridiculed and teased by other boys for his useless download, h e convinces and silences all his friends with his witty and intelligent arguemen ts that how his chimta is better than their perishable toys and that how it can defeat their lawyer or Bhishti or policeman in no time and would last forever wh ile their clay toys would be thrown away in the garbage within couple of hours.

In this section of the story the dialogues of the children are very interesting and it is also funny that how all the children start acknowledging the supremac y of Hamid s chimta and are tempted to exchange their download with it. It is a pe rfect example that Munshi Premchand had a keen insight into child psychology.

Al l the children who were then trying to humiliate and ridicule Hamid now are keen to be friends with him and are satisfied enough if they get the chance to touch his unbeatable and invincible chimta. The most poor and subdued boy of the ent ire group returns home from the fair most triumphant and victorious like a hero.

Festival of Eid

He felt alone and his father got re-married with his step mother who later became his recurring theme in his works. He took admission at a missionary school where he learnt English and read the George W. He was in Gorakhpur when he wrote his first literary writing. He always believed to write about the social realism in his Hindi literature and discuss the status of a woman in the society.

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He was studying in the 9th standard when he got married at his 15 in the year The match was arranged by his maternal step-grandfather. His studies became discontinued after the death of his father in the year because of the long illness.

He had started teaching tuition to the son of Banarasi advocate at 5 rupee monthly. Later he got the job of a teacher at 18 rupee monthly by the help of the missionary school headmaster in Chunar.

Munshi Premchand

Around 3 years later he posted to the District School in Pratapgarh. Career Later he moved to the Allahabad from Pratapgarh for the training purpose and afterward posted to Kanpur in the year where he met with the editor of the magazine Zamana named Daya Narain Nigam where he published his several articles and stories in the later years. Because of the quarrels of his wife and step-mother, he was unhappy. His wife had tried committed suicide as he scolded her too much and became failed.

He got married to the child widow named Shivarani Devi in the year and became the father of two sons named Sripat Rai and Amrit Rai. After his second marriage he faced several social oppositions.

Idgah (short story)

In the same year he published his second short novel named Hamkhurma-o-Hamsavab. Around copies of Soz-e-Watan were burnt in a raid of British collector. He had started writing in Hindi from The first Hindi writing Saut was published in the Saraswati magazine in the month of December in and Sapta Saroj in the month of June in At the Gorakhpur, he translated many books to Hindi.

He got promoted as a Deputy Inspectors of Schools in the year after completing his BA degree from Allahabad in He decided to resign the government job after attending the meeting at Gorakhpur on 8th February where Mahatma Gandhi asked people to join non-cooperation movement. Career in Varanasi He went back to Varanasi after leaving his job at 18th of March in and started focusing on his literary career.

During this period he suffered financial problems and poor health till his death in He became successful in establishing his own printing press and publishing house in the Varanasi named Saraswati Press in the year where he published his writings Rangabhumi, Nirmala, Pratigya, Gaban, Hans, Jagaran.The mark of a genius, no qualms this one leaves us, readers, mesmerized even decades after.

Finally his name becomes changed to the Munshi Premchand. The story ends on a touching note when Hamid gifts the tongs to his grandmother. As a Hindi writer he wrote approximately dozen novels, short stories, numerous essays and translations he translated a number of foreign literary works into the Hindi language.

During this period he suffered financial problems and poor health till his death in He has lost his pare nts in his early childhood.

Munshi Premchand wrote in urdu with the name of Nawab Rai.

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