This is a book in Urdu shows the doctrines of Hinduism. Read Book Hindu Mazhab Ki Malumat by Khwaja Hasan Nizami on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows. various Urdu translations of the Bhagavad-Gita which is strengthening the culture The Bhagavad-Gita 'the song of God' is the most popular religious book for all . translated the sacred text of Hinduism in during the reign of the seventh.

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Shree Bhagvat Geeta In Urdu. plicanodfratran.gq File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. plicanodfratran.gq File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Yajur Ved ka Urdu Tarjumma [PDF pdf ] ( MB). Top. plicanodfratran.gq > Urdu > Books > Yajur Ved ka Urdu Tarjumma by Abdul Haq Vidyarthi. Kalki Avtar Aor Muhammad (S.) URDU - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text that predictions about Kalki Avtar in Hindu religious books is Muhammad (pbhu).

The Ahl-i-Hadith, moreover, were also inspired by Abdul Wahab of Saudi Arabia who was completely antagonistic to the veneration of the tombs of saints and sufism as it flourished in his day.

The Ahl-i-Hadith or Wahabis as they were called in India, wrote learned treatises in Persian but they also understood the value of spreading their message in Urdu and other languages, especially Bengali, to the laity. Wilayat Ali b. Another Ahl-i-Hadith thinker, Haji Badruddin, wrote his fatwa in Bengali verse which, of course, must have appealed to ordinary people Ahmad, Both these works, as well as other tracts, were in Urdu and were, therefore, easily accessible to the public.

Hunter calls it. It was established in and finally defeated in Hunter, 3. The main leader of the fighters, Sayyid Ahmad, preached between and Hunter reports that a number of Urdu poems foretelling the downfall of the British were in circulation Hunter, The itinerant Wahabi preacher whom Hunter describes must also have preached in the same language.

The Ahl-i-Hadith created prose literature in Urdu which has been described as follows: Addressed mainly to the common people the manner of presentation is geared to their mental level. The narrative is simple and conversational. It is in sharp contrast to the ornamental rhymed prose then generally in use.

Arguments are backed with quotations from the Quran and Hadith, translated in Urdu. Didactic stories and similes are used to illustrate the points Ahmad, However, as Marc Gaborieau has pointed out in his well-researched study on this subject, most Wahabi writings as well as those of other sects one might add were in Persian. It might be added that the period of lofty Urdu poetry, at least in North India, is generally dated to Vali Dakani d.

The Deobandis 14The famous madrassa established at Deoband in which pioneered this movement was the brainchild of Muhammad Qasim Nanautawi and Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi The Darul Uloom, as it was called, used Urdu as a medium of instruction. The Deobandi interpretation of Islam, which is strict and puritanical, goes against the saint-ridden, folk Islam of ordinary Indian Muslims.

They are also associated with militant and extremist Islam since the Taliban, who imposed a very stringent version of the Shariah on Afghanistan Rashid , were students of these madrasas. It is also the language of examination of these madrasas as well as the language of the preachers in mosques, of pamphlets meant to refute other sects and for carrying out administrative functions of the Deobandi seminaries, Thus, Urdu is the main language for the dissemination of the Deobandi ideology in South Asia.

He founded a madrasa called Manzar al-Islam.

By this time Urdu was the established language of Islam in India and, therefore, the Barelvis used it in their sermons, popular poetry and the theological debates with their rivals the Deobandis and the Ahl-i-Hadith.

They published almost all the fatawa of Ahmed Raza Khan Sanyal, The main text of the Barelvi maslak is devotion to the Prophet of Islam and many of the verses are about this subject ibid, Besides, there is a large number of nur namas, and not only in Urdu but in all major languages of South Asian Muslims, on this theme. Barelvi Islam, affirming the intercession of saints, is the folk Islam of South Asia and fulfills the spiritual needs of the people.

Other Schools of Islamic Thought 17In Lucknow the Farangi Mahalli family of religious scholars had been teaching Islamic studies since the 18th century. Mulla Nizamaddin, the inventor of the curriculum called the Dars-i-Nizami, was a speaker of Urdu Robinson So common was the use of Urdu as a religious language that sects considered heretical — such as the Ahmedis or Quaidianis — also used it for writing and missionary work.

Although Mirza Ghulam Ahmed c. His spiritual successors also continued to write in Urdu. Ghulam Ahmed Parvez, the most well known proponent of the sect in the twentieth century, wrote extensively in Urdu. He even argued that prayers can be said in Urdu instead of Arabic Mustafa, This idea occurred off and on to many dissident thinkers, whether from heterodox sects or otherwise, and Mohammad Masud , a government officer famous for his individualistic, even eccentric, views upon many issues, argued that prayers should be said in a language one understands — hence in Urdu and, later in his life, Punjabi Malik and Salim, There is no evidence that people say their prayers in Urdu now.

He was himself from Delhi and spoke idiomatic Urdu at home Nasr 3. These people supported Urdu in Pakistan against all other languages.

For instance, the criticism of Mawdudi and its reply are in Urdu Yusuf, ; the status of all religious arguments is in the same language Ludhianwi, and so are all the writings of the ulema whether against Western philosophies Usmani, or other matters.

E , became an important part of the oral and written culture of both the Shia Kingdoms of the Deccan and the kingdom of Oudh. Indeed, they were an important part of the poetic sensibilities of even Sunni Muslims all over north India and present-day Pakistan. Such elegies were written in Urdu by poets, such as Hashmi Baijapuri Mulla Vajhi etc, in the Deccan Shareef, ; Siddiqui, Later, in Lucknow Mir Anees d.

Let us now come to the implications of these facts for Pakistan. Urdu, Muslim Identity and Pakistan 23Islam and language both contributed to the creation of Pakistan, a state for the Muslims of British India, in Islam was the principal identity symbol of the Indian Muslims who got mobilized to give a united opposition to the Hindu majority to obtain maximum political and economic advantages Jalal, and then, under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Jinnah , partitioned India to create Pakistan and Bharat India.

Urdu, which had become a symbol of Muslim identity during the 19th century, was the subsidiary symbol of the Indian Muslim identity King, which helped establish the new state. South Asia witnessed the adoption of a local language, Urdu, as the language of Islam — both the identity symbol of the Muslim community and the medium of instruction, preaching and publication of Islamic material — rather than Arabic. This would not have occurred without the British intervention in South Asia.

Indeed, the idea that numbers are politically significant — for quotas in jobs, admissions in educational institutions, government patronage — was created by the British who introduced modern concepts like representation of the people, equality before a secular legal system and the creation of an ubiquitous public service all over India.

The printing press, the schooling system, the textbooks, the political speech and pamphlet and later the radio all spread out standardized versions of languages — mostly Hindi and Urdu in North India and the areas now comprising Pakistan — which created communities Muslims and Hindus much as literacy created nationalistic identities in modern Europe in a process described by Benedict Anderson But these constructions came at the cost of suppressing aspects of the communal self which manifested themselves later as we shall touch upon in passing.

In Pakistan the ruling elite, which was mostly Punjabi-speaking, continued to consolidate its dominance over the different ethnicities comprising Pakistan in the name of Islam and Urdu. The Bengalis, who were a majority in the new state, reacted to this dominance by mobilizing the symbol of language to give a united front to the West Pakistanis. This movement, the Bengali language movement, culminated in the deaths of protesting students on 21 February and laid the foundation for separatist nationalism Umar, At last, after a bloody civil war in , the state of Bangladesh was created.

In West Pakistan, the Sindhis, Baloch, Pashtuns and Siraikis have all used their respective languages as ethnic identity symbols to procure power and a more equitable distribution of power and resources in the state Rahman, Thus, in Pakistan, Urdu came to be associated with the ruling elite as far as its domination over the weaker ethnic groups was concerned.

The rural and urban poor are as deeply rooted in vernaculars such as Baluchi, Pashto, Punjabi, Siraiki, and Sindhi. Outside of the Muhajir communities of Sind, Urdu is not used below the lower-middle class Nasr, The latter feel that this language would empower the religious lobby which, in their view, would suppress women and probably inhibit creativity, arts and research.

Hence Khalid Ahmed, a well known liberal intellectual from Lahore, argues that Urdu is intrinsically not a progressive language while English is Ahmed, Other Westernized people oppose English both in the domains of education and in the media because it threatens to undermine their own elitist status. Though spoken only in parts of North India, and that too in the urban areas, it is a symbol of the Muslim identity for most but not all Indian Muslims.

Because the Hindus are in a huge majority, the Muslims feel that the fight to preserve Urdu is part of keeping India a pluralistic democracy Farouqui, Apart from writings by scholars and Muslim politicians in India, the clergy regards Urdu as a language of Muslims, while others disagree Gandhi, In India, in fact, the madrasas are seen as repositories of skills pertaining to the Urdu script which is not generally taught in the secular stream of education Winkelmann, Even in Vellore in South India where the mother-tongue is Tamil, the madrasas offer Urdu as well as Tamil as a medium of instruction in the first four years in the madrasa Tschacher, That feeling, though linguistically, historically and culturally correct, does nothing to change the perception that Urdu is associated with the Muslim identity in India both among Muslims and Hindus.

The Political Uses of Language Planning of Urdu in Pakistan 4 The figures for mother-tongue speakers of Urdu in the censuses of the years given below are as foll At this period, because Bengali ethnic identity was expressed through the Bengali language, Urdu was seen as an imposition by the West Pakistani elite to dominate and exploit East Pakistan as Bangladesh was then called.

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However, Urdu had a presence in the madrasas and the link with Deoband, which East Bengal shared along with other parts of Muslim South Asia, remained. Because of this link a number of Muslim clerics learnt Urdu and read Islamic literature in that language. Even quite recently in Bangladesh, Urdu remains associated with Islam in the madrasas and in the minds of those who see themselves as members of a South Asian Islamic community.

The political vocabulary borrows extensively, self-consciously, from Arabic and Persian rather than the indigenous tradition. The Urdu script was considered the desiderated script for languages without an old established script such as Punjabi, Siraiki, Balochi, Brahvi and, of course, the unwritten languages of the country.

In Balochistan, the convention on the Balochi script held in September , became a battle ground between the left-leaning ethno-nationalists and the right-leaning Pakistani nationalists.

The former rejected the Urdu script even preferring the Roman one to it while the latter insisted upon it Rahman, It is also part of the vertical socio-economic class conflict in the country.

In this role it favours the mostly Urdu-educated lower middle class against the English-educated upper-middle and upper classes the middle class falls unevenly in both divides. While the elites of wealth and power can download English schooling, the masses are educated either in Urdu in interior Sind also in Sindhi or not at all.

In short, Urdu and Islam are used to subordinate the ethnic elites in favour of the Punjabi elite but, ironically enough, both are in fact subordinated to the interests of the Westernized, English-using, urban elite.

The political uses of Urdu as a part of the Islamic and Pakistani nationalist identity are, therefore, complex and contradictory. Thus, there are Shariah guidebooks in all these languages.

For instance Richard Burton, the famous explorer and Orientalist, mentions the names of Sindhi books which were taught in the schools before the British conquest Burton, in Baloch, , see also Boivin this volume.

Similarly the Baran Anwa, a rhymed Shariah guidebook in Punjabi, is mentioned in the great epic work Heer Ranjha see Rahman, for more details. The important point here, is that a large number of these works were written during the 18thth centuries when Muslim political power was weakening and the ulema felt that a Muslim identity based upon an internalization of Islam was desired.

Such a reaction is evident in the case of Balochistan where the ulema took fright when the Christian missionaries translated the bible in Balochi and Brahvi between to One of them, Maulvi Mohammad Fazil from the village of Darkhan near Dhadar, created a movement for writing religious books in the local languages. This movement, known as the Darkhani school, got a number of Shariah guidebooks printed which are available in private collections in Balochistan for brief descriptions see Rahman, As the Baloch ulema also felt threatened by the Zikris, a sect which believed that obligatory prayers had been abolished, they counteracted this idea by emphasizing upon prayers Baloch, But even when there was no threat, there were products belonging to themes from folk Islam — the veneration of the prophet, members of his family ahl-i-bait , saints and the martyrs of Islam.

It should also be pointed out that, literacy being only about 54 per cent in , most people get their religious knowledge from oral sources even now. These are not just sermons in mosques but also mystical poetry in the form of qawwalis and anecdotes on religious and other themes people repeat to each other on all occasions.

Moreover, nur namas, jang namas and Karbala namas are common in all languages. All these stories in verse are sung by people who have memorized them and were also known to completely illiterate people, especially women, who used to listen to them in their homes. These practices used to be common in the villages of Pakistan but the spread of the radio and television have weakened their hold upon the people.

Even now, however, some forms of rhymed verse in other tongues are sung on occasions such as the maulud the birthday of the Prophet or the Muharram the month of Karbala according to the lunar calendar. Moreover, despite the fact that, except for Sindhi, the indigenous languages of the people are neither used as media of instruction nor as compulsory languages in schools, small tracts chapbooks in these languages are still printed and sold. Dear Ajju ji i have Devi Bhagwat complete in 5 language including hindi please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail.

I read long time a granth by your websites. But then now one problem, In your website have adbhut ramayan. Please upload all pages.

Thank You. Dear Shahsidhar ji i have complete harivansh puran in hindi including harivansh Mahatamya please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail. Jai shree Hari. Ayush ji To get the complete Ramcharit manas please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail.

Dear Raju ji PLease drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail. Dear Aditya ji PLease drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail. Please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail. I have handwritined book Ravan Samhinta. Plz help….. You can download from here.

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Dear sir,ur website provides Yeoman service to person like me too eager to understand the essence of thegreat ancientspiritual texts from the sanatana Dharma or hinduism helps to read by providing free pdf scripts. Dear Please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail. Adbhut Ramayan is only up to 11th sarg.. Not a full version. Request you to upload full version of it. Otherwise from where i can download these Granths. Me too! I am looking for this book.

I found one copy on archive. Please let me know if you found this complete book. I Required: Anart Puran, 2. Dharmaranya Puran, 3. It have pages, I have first three parts of page each and need remaining three parts or say from page to end. Shri man ji.

Bahut adbhut avam sarahneey kary kiya gya hai aap logon dwara. Maine is site se 6 books download ki hain jinme se 2 book mai pad chuki hun.. Agr sakand puran ki page quality me sudhar ho sakta h to pls kr dijiyega.. Please notify me or send me Bhrigu sanhita is avalable in gujarati langwage i need it thank you.

Namaskar manyabar. Kindly upload the good quality of Bhavishya puran and Vedas. Amazing work putting together some of the great works.. Will be great if More effort put to bring other works to the platform.. Agni puran me yudh kala ka varnan hota h.

Agar ha to kis badhaya me ha. Hello Sir, Shivpuran me batai gyi sabhi shivling ka list kisi ke pass hoga. Bhaiya atharva ved aur Rekha gadit aur kai cheez Nahi dikha raha download karne ke baad?

Can you provide Guru Geeta from skanda purana with meaning and translation in Hindi or English. Thanks for great human service. Ravan ne jo shiv tandav strot gaye tha usme Kul kitana slok hai. Kahi par 15 kahi 17 aur kahi 19 actually kitna hai. Aur ye kaun sa book me hai. Maine bahut sa blog padha par sahi jankari nehi mila. Kehi per likha hai ye samved ka slok hai jo ravan ne apni raksa k liye shivji k samne gaya tha. Kindly, kisi k pas sahi jankari hai to post kijiyaga.

Please upload dash mahavidya pdf and shabar mantra pdf and also devi bhagwati purana…. Thank you so much. This will keep alive Hindu religion. The site is wonderful. I like it very much. Sir, is there any site through which I can download Upnishdas. Devi bhagwat puran new edition with hindi translation.

You upload old one words are hard to read. Rig Ved seems to have only upto 6th mandal. Kindly add a second part consisting of those.

Is it possible. I understand that same was available with Venkateshwara press at Mumbai in the earlier years but now they are denying. If someone is having, please upload. Do you anyone have Dhanurveda original book with mantra……. Kindly reply. Greatest compliment for this holy site containing greatest treasure.

Thank you creator of this site. Please find out narad panchratra full edition in sanskrit with hindi translation not sankshipt short Please if you can it will be great. Thanks Vandana Goyal. May God shower his choicest blessings on all of you and your family members. Thanks so much main es web Bhutan dhanyavad mantis hu aap me muze main jo cha sales dhud Tahiti who sab aap me muze diya thanks so much all about this my mind haapyness ye this surf shabdh hai jo main share Karen Rahi hai par use bhi zaada main bahut khush hu Kiki Mari bahut saare pareshani jo muzhe bachapan se satta Tahiti Abhi main 33 year old ki hu Mari shadi main aur mare mind ki Jo khush bhi parashani this who Bhutan hi zayda Kam ho gayee hai thanks for everything.

Respected Sir, I honestly feel proud that your Organisation is working towards Collecting the religious books and maintaining a Treasure of Gyaan I request you to please if possible arrange for Ayurveda — Health related knowledge.

Becoz most of the disease disappears taking household items — e. Adrak, Lasun, Limbu, Sirka, Makhi, etc But each time we go to a doctor for Medicine it takes 2 — 3 days to completely kill the disease but that disease is not killed from Roots only we get relief for some time maybe few days, Once again we fall ill. Please work towards collection of Full Ayurveda details Today, America has patents on many indian Ayurvedic herbs — Neem, various indian herbs in Powdered form are filled into Capsules and sold to us.

That means we are eating our own Swadeshi items but paying hefty amounts to Foreign companies. Hope u understood my Intention. Quality is very poor. Plz do work on it. Aap se namra nivedan karta hu ki manusmriti hindi pdf me milsakti he……? To plz yar upload karo….

Aap Vedic krishi vigyan pustak ko upload kare taking Sabha Vedic Vidhi dwara krishi ke kamo ko jaan sake. Thank you so much for Shiv puran to make available here. You can make more clear scan of shiv puran pages as some of pages are not much clearly scaned in available pdf. See if possible. Dosto mujhe ravan samhita chahiye puri or apke paas isme nh hai agr kise ke paas ho to mujhe jarur bateye.

App geeta press se le sakte hain. OR ocr software se convert kar sakte hain. Scanned to word. Dhanywad un sabhika jenhone Hindu Dharm sambandhit pracharprasaar hetu bahut lagbhag sabhi Dharmik geranth shastro ko uplabdh krara. Mujhe mere Hindu Dharm ko janna samajhna bahut accha lagta hai.

Bherata Ji aap aise he Dharm k prachar prasar krte raho. Bhagwan sadev aap k upar kripa banaye rakhe. Jay Shri RAM. Can you please upload bhagat Maha puran in good quality because the quality of the PDF is not good of bhagat puran. If you want bhagwad puran and other texts in very good quality then visit https: Is website ka look and feel achca nhi hai.. Hi vedpuran, Thanks for the good services that you people have been providing to us.

Thanks for sharing lot of literature. Please share if somebody have. Great work! If possible, please provide Brahmanas and and Sutras also. With respect and thanks.

Thank you very much for these archives … i search it anywhere but i cant get it … now i get it from your site.. Bahot accha prayas hai aap logo ka ,,muje vishnu saharsnamm chaheye tha ,,aaj jaker mila. Thank you ,great wor. Dhanyawad for your Extreme Work. Please reply. Sanjiv Agarwal E, C. Park New Delhi sanjivagarwal7 gmail. I would love to get the literature books related to the demon king Ravana, including the Ravan Smitha if anyone could help me please contact me on this no Arun ji for Rigveda audios please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail.

Please help me to find Bhagwat Mahapuran in English. If someone has then please share with me. Dear Kinjal ji please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail. Can you please send Raavan Samhita hindi pdf file to my mail — ashok. Does any one have mahishasura mardini stotram in PDF. Please guide. Tantra mantra wali koi pdf hai to please please … muje bhejo Or — lal kitab hoto bhejna sir please. Geet Govind by Jaydev in Hindi is not available here.

If anyone can make it available here? Sir pehle asp ka bhaut bhaut dhanywad. Phir aapse ek prathna h ki aap kakbhundi ramayan jise aadiramayan bhi kehte h ko Hindi version m PDF dalne ki kripa kare. Please send me Maha Indrajal and Rawan Samhita. Pdf format My email: I am really thankful to this site but I am looking for Shri dasam granth in Hindi meaning plz help me.

Maine sabhi PDF download kiye aur padhe hai sabhi ache hai aur scaning bhi achi hai. Sir please send ravan sanhita Hindi PDF at prashantsharma gmail. Hare Krishna, I am looking for all brahmana like shatpath and gopath and aranyak literature with either Hindi or English bhashya. I also got some but they are all in Sanskrit only.

Similarities between Islam and Hinduism ( in Urdu) by Zakir Naik

Pls can u send raavna sahita book to my id arun. I need ravan samhita please hindi pdf please nishant27singh gmail. I have Ravan Samhita but after reading this, I feel, why? Tantra Mantra Yantra. Bum Bhole. Any possibility of getting copy of Vriksha Ayurved? It may be part of a puran or a separate book granth! I am very much thank full to you to create this website for download the religious books.

May I upload some books on this site so that needy people can take benefit of the collection. Hello, can you please convert these files to audio files in hindi.. Hindu Vedas, Upnishad and Purans.. Rudra Ashtadhyayi ka book pdf me upload kariye jwala prasad mishra author hain aur khemraj shrikrishnadaas publisher hain. Thank you so much me apka jitna sukriya karu kam hai. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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March 7, at 6: Puneet OM says: April 8, at 5: Bharat says: Brahma Puran. Vinod Vishwakarma says: December 28, at 1: February 7, at 8: December 29, at 9: Anshika kulshreshtha says: December 31, at 2: Prathamesh says: December 31, at 1: May 6, at 3: May 7, at 7: I am waiting for your reply Vaibhavji. Hope to hear from you soon. Rao says: January 1, at 6: Ravindra G. Chaudhari says: January 4, at Vedpuran says: July 12, at 4: Ravindra Bhai please drop me mail at punditsoam gmail.

January 5, at Sunil yadav says: January 7, at 9: Ajju Azad says: January 9, at 3: January 10, at 2: Abdul azim says: April 10, at Imran says: February 1, at Rohan shinde says: January 10, at 8: Ramratan says: January 15, at Shashidhar says: Hemantsinh says: January 16, at Nikhil Jangra says: Kamlesh Barot says: January 18, at 1: ANKIT says: January 18, at 7: Pushpendra singh tanwar says: January 19, at Ayush soni says: January 20, at Dr Amar Jeet Singh Chandel says: January 20, at 6: Raju Verma says: January 21, at 9: January 22, at Plz i want shiv mahapuran sanskrit only Plz any one upload this Plz its urgent.

January 23, at 2: Chaitanya kulkarni says: January 23, at Anshuman says: September 13, at Kranti kumar says: January 24, at 5: Suraj says: January 25, at 3: January 27, at 2: Tarak says: January 27, at 7: Dear Tarak ji Please drop me a mail on punditsoam gmail.

January 28, at Navin Solanki says: January 28, at 5: Madhuvi says: January 29, at 8: January 29, at Hemant Dighe says: January 30, at 3: June 13, at 6: September 30, at 4: Manish says: Gourav says: December 17, at 3: Keval says: January 30, at Nirnay Sindhu Granth kahase melega ya to pdf download krneki koi link bhejiye. Prakash says: January 30, at 2: In which shastra or Puran have Shukan Apshukan details? March 23, at Puneet says: January 31, at 1: L k chouhan says: February 1, at 6: Can you please upload bhav prakash nirghntu in hindi I am desperately looking for.

February 1, at 9: February 2, at 7: May 5, at 4: July 13, at 2: Rajesh Kumar says: October 22, at 1: November 3, at 8: Jeet jeet says: March 9, at Aap mujhe pic le k send kr dijiye mai use pdf bna dunga whatsapp number jitendra kumar. August 23, at 7: Himanshu Pandit says: February 2, at Thank you so much …. Aryan says: February 3, at Rajeshwar says: Sunilkushwaha gmail. February 3, at 1: Sudhanshu says: February 5, at Then go for Narad Puran. Abhijeetsinh Parmar says: Arjun anand says: Bablesh Chouhan says: February 11, at 2: Umakant Prajapati says: February 12, at 8: Ashwin says: February 13, at 1: Dharamvir says: February 14, at 7: February 15, at 4: First thank u so much for ur precious work.

Pl upload all th books of geeta press. Suman bharadwaj says: February 16, at 4: Hardesh Kumar says: February 16, at 7: Shanthakumar T N says: February 17, at 8: February 19, at 1: February 19, at 4: February 20, at 2: February 22, at Shamaliya Karan says: February 22, at 3: Shubham says: February 22, at 8: Heena modi says: February 23, at 5: Shankar Lal Dhurve says: February 24, at Abhishke says: May 3, at 2: Saurabh Shyamsundar Paul says: February 25, at 3: Lucky says: February 26, at 8: Atul soni says:The first period is the pre-Vedic period, which includes the Indus Valley Civilisation and local pre-historic religions, ending at about BCE.

Atul Nerlekar says: Chandra Shekhar Singh says: November 21, at Pankaj Sharma says: Pankaj Angre says:

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