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Times of Oman - OMANI GIRLS WIN GOLD MEDAL AT AN INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION · 'Set-top satellite receivers illegal unless licenced by. September, October, November, December. , , , , , , , , , , OmanObserver. Click here for better quality . Times of Oman, Muscat, Oman. likes. Welcome to the official Facebook page of Times of plicanodfratran.gq follow us on twitter go to.

“I Was Sold”

History[ edit ] Times of Oman was first published on February 23, and was launched as a weekly tabloid newspaper. The main reasons for starting Times of Oman were to publicize Oman abroad and to address non-Omanis in the country. This explains why the newspaper dedicates more pages to news about the Indian Subcontinent since the majority of expatriates in Oman are from that region.

A reader survey in stated that amongst the English dailies in Oman, Times of Oman was favored by 5.

About Eid al-Fitr

The publishing house is behind a number of different publications from broadsheet dailies to tabloid weeklies and monthlies as well as weekly magazines both in Arabic and English.

In WAP editions of the newspapers were made available on cell phones. Newspaper[ edit ] The paper is published six days a week from Saturday to Thursday. The website is also updated every day in every hour.

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The newspaper is organized in three sections. The first section, section A, contains pages of local news, regional news, news on India and Pakistan and world news.

It also has a commentary section with perspectives from respected political analysts and opinion writers. Section B is a Market, Business and Finance section bringing news on local, regional and international financial matters.

It also contains a Life and Style part in addition to entertainment pages with crosswords, daily horoscope, airlines and bus schedules. The back pages are dedicated to Bollywood news and feature articles. The C section focuses on national and international sports.

The D section, called Connect, is the daily guide for the inhabitants of Oman with local ads and classifieds. Second is a lack of enforcement of the law for waterpipe cafes, which largely stems from a historical precedent set by a court ruling regarding these cafes.

In March , MM issued a decision banning all cafes in Muscat governorate from serving waterpipes to customers as part of "a mission to preserve the behavior and appearance of general civilization and to fight against a strange and unhealthy phenomena".

However, the Court also concurred with complainants in seeking compensation and ordered the appointment of a financial expert to review compensation claims for cafes who they claimed had spent significant financial resources on preparing their cafes to serve waterpipes.

Subsequently, the two parties came to a mutual understanding, where enforcing the ban on serving waterpipes was halted and no compensations were awarded. Subsequent attempts by health authorities to convince the municipalities to implement a total smoking ban in indoor areas in waterpipe cafes have gone in vain.

Offer tobacco cessation service Article 14 of the Convention stipulates that parties should address tobacco dependence by promoting services for the cessation of tobacco use. At present, the Health Ministry does not offer formal cessation services to smokers.

However, two cessation clinics were established by individual physicians in primary health care settings in Muscat and Nizwa in and , respectively.

A third clinic was established in the primary health care center at the main public university in Muscat in Such cessations clinics offered nicotine replacement therapy NRT patches and gums for two to four months.

They also provided psychological therapy basic counseling, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Some large private companies also provide cessation services to their employees, mostly limited to NRT. Despite these ad hoc initiatives, no plans exist to offer cessation services as a routine part of health services delivery nationwide.

Although NRT is widely available as an over the counter medication in local pharmacies, most pharmacist lack appropriate training and are unable to provide proper advice to NRT users.Babli H.

After a medical test in the UAE revealed a blood disorder, she said her employer returned her to the agency, which took her to their office in Al Ain, where she stayed for 25 days.


Babli H. Omani authorities have prosecuted a few individuals for forced labor, but it is unclear whether any of those cases involved domestic workers.

Some hope to build houses for their family or invest in businesses. Anandini U.

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