Dead Girls Are Easy (Nicki Styx, Book 1) .. TERRI GAREY DEADD GiRLS ARE EASY For Bob, who believed from the beginning, for Sheila-Rae, who believed. There's something about almost dying that makes a girl rethink her priorities. Take Nicki Styx—she was strictly goth and vintage, until a brush with the afterlife . Download and Read Dead Girls Are Easy Nicki Styx 1 Terri Garey. Title Type different girls PDF cow girls PDF. Get Instant Access to free Read PDF Dead Girls .

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Supernatural Underground: September Sep 30, She's the only one of her kind that can still breathe fire.

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Terri Garey - Award winning author of tales from the dark Results 1 - 20 of The serenity invited you to stay and visit, to linger on shaded benches and listen to the silence.

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So they can get stomachaches? This sweet little Jewish grandmother had been driving me crazy for two days, and I wanted my life back. You dragged me all the way out here to see this. I wanna hear the rabbi. Morty bent and scooped up a handful of dirt, tossing it into the yawning hole.

They moved in knots and clusters down the hill toward their parked cars, leaving Morty to stand, obviously grief-stricken, by the grave. Gladys tried to draw him away, but he shook his head. Whatever he said to the woman sent her trailing reluctantly after the others. I swallowed hard, suddenly wondering who would be waiting for me when my time came.

She was watching her Morty. What she was asking was just too much. Just do it. I knew it as surely as I knew my own name. Taking a deep breath, I stepped from the shadows and marched toward Morty.

Morty was crying again, silently this time, while the two men doing the shoveling stoically ignored him. Great opener there, Nicki. You know, like in Spain. His plump face crumpled, then steadied. Which was it?

It was done, it was over, and I was free. It was hard to watch a grown man cry. She was surrounded by light, an aura of brilliance. Then she turned, still smiling, and took a single step away from us, into the Light. I gasped, feeling a rush of remembrance, and a tiny twinge of envy. Irene was going to like where she was going. But now she was gone, and there was nothing left but the quiet gray and green of Rodeph Shalom, each headstone and bench in sharper focus than before.

This was way too heavy for me. Tell me what happened. I have to talk to her. No way was I even gonna go there. I was a business owner, not a psychic.

Dolce and Gabbana, unless I missed my guess.

Book Review – Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey

The tie was a blue patterned silk, crisply knotted. I came to pay my respects. My heart was as reliably unreliable as ever, so why was Dr.

Handsome looking for me? Cute Doctor was there to do a sanity check. Your impressions, your feelings. No life-changing revelations here. I turned, hand on the door. He had a great laugh, rich and full. It made it hard to hold onto my annoyance, especially when his eyes invited me to laugh with him.

In a sudden panic, I slid into my car and pulled the door shut. Is anyone there? Desperate, I jumped from the car and snatched Joe by the arm. When we reached the corner, he pointed his keys toward a black BMW parked by the curb and unlocked it with a discreet beep. I reluctantly let go Dead Girls Are Easy 33 of his big, warm hand and dove into the passenger side, breathing deep of the leather interior.

More black.

Dead Girls Are Easy Pdf

My favorite. A minute later we were two blocks away, leaving Morty Goldblatt and Rodeph Shalom Cemetery far behind. My insurance premiums are killing me. And you should see the cost of malpractice insurance. What do you do? International fashion model, perhaps? It gave me the boyishly feminine look that was one of my favorites. The moment stretched while I met his eyes, considering. But he was also part of a world I avoided, the world of responsibility and conformity, of country club politics and starched shirts.

I leaned back in before closing the door. He shut the door and walked toward me. I grinned, waiting for him to catch up.

Quite a dichotomy. Evan knew me so well. Nineteen forties, maybe? I guess he had to rule out my being some kind of weirdo.


I saw you eyeing him while you were hovering over me in the hospital. Maybe you could join a survivor support group and meet somebody that way. The art deco furniture was all authentic, down to the black lacquer coffee table and white leather sofa. It was spotless, and about as far from my messy, hodgepodge place as you could get. I almost took it, then shook my head.

My, my. When are you seeing him again?

Did you have it towed? Had it been giving you trouble? No need for him to worry his pretty little head about me unnecessarily. Instead, I told Evan the truth. Not just what I saw, but what I felt, what I heard.

I wanna know immediately if you start seeing more dead people or if this doctor guy gets too pushy. He glanced over his shoulder toward the hallway, keeping his voice lowered. Goodbody if I asked him nicely.

Manly men who made him feel like a girly girl seemed to be the norm. Now the quiet seemed too loud, the living room too big, the pile of mail by the door too much trouble to sort through. Closing my eyes, I saw again in my mind the stone sentinels and shaded benches of Rodeph Shalom Cemetery. The silence there had been peaceful, but the silence here was just.

And Evan, of course. It was hard to be sad around Evan. Was I really so changed by my own brush with death? If anything, I should have been relieved to know that life goes on after the body gives out. Instead, I was bothered by a nagging sense that I was missing something in the here-and-now. I was lonely. And being lonely sucked. Enough of the cry-baby routine, already. Genuine Rosenfeld, black velvet with a cameo clasp.

I snatched it up and rummaged around until I found the square of white I was looking for. Then I picked up the phone and dialed, a wicked little smile already lifting my lips and my spirits. Are you busy tonight? The beat of the music was deep and hypnotic, loud enough to feel, but in a good way.

But at least he had on well-worn jeans, nicely faded, particularly in the crotch area.

I made myself a note to send him for more drinks soon, just so I could watch him walk away. Sex in the City fan, right? The music was pulsing, the lead singer belting out a song about bad habits, the lighting dim. I leaned in closer so he could hear me without having to raise my voice. I took another sip of beer, then pressed him a little harder. Whaddya think? I drew back, smiling.

I liked a man who could hold his own. Those jeans looked every bit as good from the rear. They took their cheers and jeers and left the stage, leaving a momentary lull in the action until the laughter and conversation started to pick up. Eggplant or plum maybe, richer shades to set off his dark hair. He looked boyish and smart, like the wholesome guys all the good girls had crushes on in high school. Not geeky enough to be a nerd, not nerdy enough to be a geek.

Those girls should have spoken up when they had the chance. I, for one, was happy to take him down the street to Moonbeans, the Little Five Points equivalent of Starbucks. Winos leaned against the psychedelic Dead Girls Are Easy 49 murals on the buildings, shaking down passing preppy couples for spare change. Major tourist trap and local hangout all in one, but it has real character, too. Coffee and Danish or a deeper glimpse into my personal life? I gave him a grin.


Wanna see? Instruments of torture not allowed. Little Five Points was a rabbit warren, narrow streets and sharp corners. The driver of the truck had to do some maneuvering to make the next turn. A knot of people blocked the front steps of Indigo, a Jamaican grocery. The local cops were holding off curious onlookers and breaking out the crime scene tape. Indigo was owned by my friend Caprice and her boyfriend, Mojo. They closed at ten, and I was glad to see the lights were off and the front door was shut.

On these two special days, Latin American families and friends gather to celebrate, honor, remember and pray for their departed loved ones. November 1 honors departed children and November 2 honors adults. To celebrate the deceased is to accept that death is an inevitable part of life. Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

As Day of the Dead approaches, in Mexico and other Latin American countries they build altars in their homes and in public places to honor their loved ones. These altars are decorated using sugar skulls, marigolds, candles, Christian crosses, images or statues of the Virgin Mary, and photos of the departed, as well as their favorite foods and beverages.

Skulls known as calaveras are ubiquitous in Day of the Dead celebrations. They are the ultimate symbol of mortality. Underneath our fleshy exterior, our very earthly existence depends upon this skeletal foundation. Therefore Day of the Dead art revolves around imagery of skulls and skeletons in many states and forms: dancing, cooking, smiling, and playing banjo, for example.

The belief is that our personalities and identities carry on into the afterlife.He was the soap opera guy who tried so hard to save the woman on the gurney. Dolce and Gabbana, unless I missed my guess. I hope everything is going ok. Evan dropped the affronted pose and turned, walking back toward the counter. Tired and thirsty, but better.

View all 9 comments. But at least he had on well-worn jeans, nicely faded, particularly in the crotch area.

And Evan, of course. My chest felt like there was an elephant sitting on it and my mouth was dry as sand, but I managed to croak out a reply.

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