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In addition, where some of the cracks intersect, the concrete slab appears to have almost lifted or risen at the intersection point.

I contacted our builder to request the results of the Soil Bearing Certificate for our lot. It indicates that the engineering firm probed the soil up to 36" below the footing level and found some evidence that " of soil at footing level was disturbed from its original condition.

As such, they required that piles be placed under the footings for additional support in the event that the disturbed area settle in the future.

Edwin Lughofer

I'm lost as to if its a soil issue, a water issue, both, or something else altogether different. A neighbour at the opposite end of our cul de sac has had so many problems with his sump pump and water that even the walls in his house have developed cracks, the drywall shifted as well as problems with the trusses. Right now, I'm wondering if I should just go further into debt and have the whole basement floor removed somehow and redone, though I don't know how since a year ago we had it framed and drywalled.

Edmonton, Alberta Canada Some Diagnostic Questions for This Slab Cracking Problem - DF Certainly the builder or plans can tell us the type of slab: to find out if it is structural or not - that's a key question There are common types of slab cracks, sometimes severe, that are not structural if the slab was improperly installed; if cracks extend up into the foundation wall it's more serious as that suggests that the supporting building structure is also moving. There are various repair methods for floor slab cracking, but before choosing a slab crack and settlement repair method.

But first we need to know the type of crack cosmetic, structural, shrinkage, settlement, etc , and its cause. More Cracking Slab Diagnostic Information from the Homeowner We have provided a very rough sketch of our basement slab.

With respect to the questions you've asked, I know for certain that: Our basement slab is of the floating variety whose edges rest on the lip of the concrete footing As of one year ago we didn't have any cracks in our interior foundation walls they're now covered since we've been working to finish basement visual inspection of the outside of our home also indicates no cracks in the walls house is stucco the cracks are strictly on the slab and all are on the North facing area of our home.

The front of our home faces North. NOTE: my front lawn rarely needs to be watered, ditto for the plants.

The soil is Very moist in the front. This is not the case for our South-facing back yard our sump pit located due North and backflow valve NW are not in the same room.

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During the past year its grown in width. However, all of them are in two-story homes, so their basements are deeper than ours. Often these patterns suggest that there was uneven compacting of fill below a floor, perhaps more of a water problem in that area, and that in a stressed floor slab cracks often originate at stress points or points of uneven structural unity, such as at an outside corner in the foundation wall footprint or at openings cut through the floor for pits such as a sump pit or a drain.

Generally basement floor slab crack patterns could be due to concrete slab shrinkage or floor slab settlement - but shrinkage occurs early in the slab life; settlement can occur later; Shrinkage cracks in a slab are discontinuous; settlement cracks are not, as the slab is actually breaking; Shrinkage also won't produce a crack with the slab at different heights on either side of the crack; So it sounds more as if you have soil settlement under the slab, or if the home were left un-heated, frost heaves.

If we've got settlement, sumps can contribute to settlement by undermining a slab or worse, a footing or foundation wall by slowly removing fine soil along with water that it pumps from under the slab water should not be there - a drainage problem , but more likely this slab was also poured on loose, poorly-compacted fill.

Often fill is dumped at one end of a foundation and then leveled, sometimes just by hand, by a low grade worker. In those cases perhaps no one compacts the soil, it is just raked roughly flat before the slab is poured. Furthermore, if the original grade was sloped and fill is being used to level up the foundation interior before the basement slab is poured, then there will be more total fill at one end of the floor than the other, making settlement and slab cracking more likely at that end.

The fix for this floor cracking can be costly if you have to break up, compact soil, and re pour; most people wait on that; there's also mud jacking - pumping hydraulic concrete mix under the slab, but you'd need to evaluate the soil and conditions under there first, and mud-jacking is not very appropriate if the floor slab has cracked and broken into many pieces.

Mud-jacking works best when the slab is mostly or entirely intact.

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Re "one company believes all our problems due to sump pit being too shallow and not cutting in often enough " - that is nonsense; a deeper pit makes the sump cycle less often, sure, but the same volume of water gets pumped out;Moving out more water or moving it out faster doesn't fix a settlement problem, it probably speeds it up; unless you were intercepting water and keeping it from under the slab in the first place; I think you are going to need to make a hole or two, either by drilling or by breaking up the slab - I'd do it in the worst-cracked area - and see what we've got there.

Or start breaking out the slab enough to see what is the condition of soil below the area of settlement. As of this April our house is four years old. When they jack hammered the floor they found the soil was damper than it should be, but there was no standing water and no cracked pipes.

They took out the sump pit, compacted the soil, drilled holes into the sump pit, put crushed rock in around the pit and ran weeping tile all along the north perimeter of the house where the slab had also been heaving and then they repoured. Of course our hope is that this situation is rectified.

However, yet another neighbour three doors down from us in the cul-de-sac is also experiencing horrible problems with his floor and foundation. And, just like the others in the area with issues such as his, they all appear to be two-story homes, while ours is a bi-level.

Follow-up comments on the Heaving Floor Slab Case - DF The observation that on breaking up the slab for inspection the contractor found that soil was damper than it should be suggests that either drought was not a direct cause in the floor settlement, or a cycling of dry and wet conditions was at fault, similar to the expansive clay soil problem that occurs below homes in other parts of North America such as areas of Colorado.

He is clinically depressed and low-functioning, with little motivation to continue treatment.

His oncologist attempts to convince him to continue taking his medication, without success. Case 2: A year-old woman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis MS at the age of Since then, she has begun studying at university in an extremely competitive program and is currently experiencing a great deal of stress related to her studies.

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At the same time, her MS attacks have become more frequent. The young woman feels that there is a connection between her studies and the attacks; however, her neurologist's response is to change her prophylactic medication to a stronger or higher dose. Case 3: A year-old man recently suffered a myocardial infarction. He experiences recurrent chest pains, with repeated admissions to the emergency room.

Over the course of treatment, a complete cardiac workup including ECG, scintigraphy, and coronary catheterization are all normal. His cardiologist tells him that it must be anxiety.

However, the patient is insulted by this and seeks another physician to continue checking for a physical problem.

Case 4: A year-old man arrived at the emergency department with a sudden speech disturbance that was neither aphasia nor dysarthria. His head CT scan was normal but the neurologist suspected an ischemic stroke and decided to hospitalize him, nonetheless. Due to the unusual presentation of the speech disturbance, a brain MRI was performed and was normal.

The patient denied stress or other emotional factors, while acknowledging that he was about to receive a long-awaited promotion at work.

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He was ultimately discharged from the hospital with a functional diagnosis. Describing the Problem These four archetypal cases are imaginary examples of patients with complex conditions who commonly present to physicians with physical complaints. Each case is different; however, in all of them patients would be best served by a bio-psycho-social conceptualization, enabling them to receive treatment from a physician and from an MHP.

In today's medical milieu, this can be difficult, due to the lack of a shared paradigm. In treating the aforementioned patients, many medical professionals would adopt the following clinical strategies: In case 1, the cancer patient may give up and cease treatment for his disease.

Many physicians might not realize the benefits or possess the means to refer such a patient to an MHP. In case 2, the young woman with MS will be given stronger, more effective medication which will also have stronger side effects.

Once again, it may not even occur to many physicians that this patient could benefit from learning mind-body techniques, as she has a physical diagnosis. In case 3, the patient suffering from chest pain after a heart attack will continue to undergo extensive testing in an attempt to discover an organic problem. At the end of what may be a lengthy, expensive and difficult process of investigation, if no physical pathology is discovered, the physician might refer the patient to an MHP.

The MHP will treat the patient based on his or her own clinical proclivities. A psychiatrist oriented toward pharmacotherapy will offer SSRIs or benzodiazepines to help the patient manage anxiety.

A psychodynamic psychotherapist may give a symbolic interpretation of the physical symptoms, while an existential psychotherapist may interpret it as a fear of dying. A cognitive-behavioral therapist would likely view the patient as suffering from Health Anxiety and treat accordingly. Regardless, although it is the same individual, very different diagnostic models and ways of thinking may come into play and the patient can often become lost in the fray. In case 4, had the patient been mistakenly diagnosed with a CVA, it would likely have caused him a great deal of anxiety, he would have received inappropriate and perhaps harmful treatments and his attempts to return to work would likely have been unsuccessful and frustrating.

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Here too, the patient may be sent to an MHP and will generally receive treatment based on the clinical proclivities of said professional. However, both may have difficulty determining therapeutic goals. Should they be assisting the patient in learning to live with the symptoms?

Should they be attempting to reduce the frequency or severity of the symptoms? Can they attempt to do away with the symptoms completely? Without a model for understanding the mind-body relationship for each case, the focus of treatment for the preceding four patients remains unclear.

The Four-Cluster Mind-Body Model We now present a four-tiered, conceptual model that analyzes physical symptoms based on the various psycho-biological processes occurring.Regardless, although it is the same individual, very different diagnostic models and ways of thinking may come into play and the patient can often become lost in the fray.

Case 4: A year-old man arrived at the emergency department with a sudden speech disturbance that was neither aphasia nor dysarthria.

It was built on a concrete slab in Internet Download Manager is the choice of many, when it comes to increasing IDM has a clever download logic accelerator tha. After the initial collapse, there was some growth in the diameter but that appears to have stabilized.

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